Stayner Evangelical 
Missionary Church


It is a joy to invite you to check out our website.  It is even a greater joy to invite you to attend our services. Our worship service starts at 11:00 am on Sunday.  We have a kids program on Wednesdays at 6:45 pm from September through May.  You should be able to find the information you are looking for here but if for some reason you have a question that cannot be answered, please feel free to contact me at the church office and I would be happy to help.  Search the site, have fun, come back again and again.

Note Regarding Camp Services  

We are going to be joining the Campground for the family camp services for three Sunday's. July 29, August 5th, August 12th. On the final Sunday, August 12th we will be having a picnic at the campground. Burgers will be provided! We would love to see you there.